Dear Introverts — Don’t give in to the pressure to become louder

When we think about school, we imagine crowded classrooms with that typical roar of overlapping voices and laughter. However, I didn’t fit the into the norm. I was that quiet kid, the one who wanted to sink before I spoke. Because of this, I was called out on it. Maybe some of you reading this can relate to that idea. I’m perfectly sure that many of those out there would whole heartily agree with me that bring attention to ourselves make us want to curl up and hide. We are told in primary school to raise our hands, participate in class. But as an introvert, these are some difficult standards to achieve — it does not come naturally. Eventually, I was left wondering is being quiet a bad thing? Do I have to change my behaviour, change myself? After years of trying to become louder, trying to fit in, I have at last discovered the answer to these questions. Being an introvert is not something that needs to be fixed or cured, it is an attribute to be celebrated!


Dear Confused Introverts,

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. It is okay to be quiet. We introverts are not being acknowledged enough by society. Teenagers have been boxed into this one category of ‘loud’ for way too long, and some students feel left behind. Whenever reports are released, or during parent-teacher interviews, I knew there was one thing they would mention without fail — ‘She should participate more in class discussions.’ Hold on here. What was the point of education again? Was it learning or competing for attention? In my experience, it seems to be the latter. As a confused teen, I felt the pressure to go out of my comfort zone to speak up, which made me anxious and stressed out. In the end, I gave up on the idea. Why pretend to be someone I am not? Being true to myself made me happier and was able to be who I truly was. No pretending. No faking my feelings. The funny thing is, I was more comfortable talking in class after I stopped trying to change myself. Without the pressure to feel like I must demand for teacher’s attention. I felt more relaxed. I felt more like myself. So please, don’t let others affect you. Stay true to yourself. No matter what society or social media might say to you, you don’t need to change who you are. Do what makes you comfortable.


A Comfortable girl (who stopped trying to fit in with the crowd).


Dear Diffident Introverts,

Traditionally, Introverts were misunderstood and overlooked. Fast forward to today, all of that has changed. More and more people recognise and understands you for being an introvert. Being an introvert has its advantages, and these are now being recognised, Imagine that! People like me. People like you. We are no longer the quiet ones, we are the people in demand. We have skills that others don’t. According to a study done by the Gifted Development Centre, it appears that 60% of intelligent people are introverts. Study also shows that introversion increases with intelligence, more than 75% of people with an IQ above 160 are introverted. Companies are now starting to see the advantages of hiring introverts, because we are organised and focused employees. We tend to think before we speak. We can focus without the need to draw attention to ourselves. Overall, our ability to be comfortable within ourselves, helps us to just get on with the job. Once outside of the school life, are considered highly valuable traits. It makes sense doesn’t it? All these things are what is going to make someone in the work place a very successful person by and large. See? Being an introvert isn’t too bad after all.


A Girl Who Is Happy (to be a part of the introvert family).


Dear Self-doubting Introverts,

It isn’t a sin to be who you are. If you think being an introvert is the worst thing in the world, you’re never going to be happy with yourself. You are constantly going to try to change, to fit into society. As long as you accept yourself as an introvert, there is nothing in the way. Of you achieving your goals and getting what you want. Famous introverts in the world, including Gandhi, Michael Jordan, Emma Watson, and of course, Albert Einstein. Who would not want to bracket yourself with such an amazing group of personalities? Has being an introvert stopped them from achieving their goals? No, each one of these people in their own ways has left their mark on the world. Similarly, in the business world, 70% of CEOs described themselves as introverts. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet. All of these names are household names, they are recognised as being hugely successful and influential in their particular areas. And guess what? You guessed it. They are all introverts. Just be yourself. You will meet people who recognise and appreciate you for who you are. Remember, we learn many things from being quiet. We listen, watch, and observe. This gave us the advantage to learn and discover things that others wouldn’t. Imagine if the world is filled with loud and attention seeking people. It would be chaotic. It would be a mess. No one would truly succeed. We are the cure for that world people. You and me. We are going to do it together.

Best wishes,

A Quiet Girl in A Loud World.




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